Instagram User Album Downloader

Download all Instagram photos & videos from any user or create your own Instagram account backup instantly! An Instagram User Album Downloader is very useful if you want to download photos from a specific Instagram user all at once or back up your own Instagram pictures and videos before deleting your account.
It has never been so easy to download user Instagram photos as it is now using Instagram album downloader.
Only one click to download user Instagram photos or back up Instagram account to save all the data to any device.

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How to download all Instagram photos or back up my Instagram account?

The steps below will explain you how to download all photos from Instagram users account.

1. Open Instagram profile of the user that you want to download all photos from. (only Public accounts)
2. Copy the url/link of the Instagram user profile.
3. Paste the copied Instagram profile url/link to Instagram User Album Downloader URL field above.
4. Click the “Download” button to download multiple Instagram photos.

What is Instagram Album Downloader is a perfect Online tool if you want to save Instagram photos from a public user all at once.
On the other hand, it can be used as an Instagram backup tool to backup your Instagram account with all photos and videos.
What is the secret of Instagram user album downloader? It’s simple, just one click to download all Instagram pictures in one file!